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Keeping the Peace During College Tours

This coming school year, high school students and their parents will be spending some time touring college campuses. This is a great opportunity for students, and not just high school seniors, to start exploring their college options. If you’re the parent of a future college student, he or she may have visions of stepping onto a campus and finding that perfect match — which is definitely possible! Whether it’s a long car ride or the massive amount of new information being thrown at you from all directions, campus visits aren’t always easy on students nor parents. These tips for parents are here to help the experience not end up like one of those road trip horror stories. Depending on how you handle the situation, your time with your child can be something to treasure or something that can pull you apart. Here are a few words of advice that may help you keep the peace during your child’s college tours.

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When Quitting is a Good Thing

Surely you’ve heard the phrases “winners never quit and quitters never win” or “quitting is for losers,” but are these sayings really true? We live in a culture that can shame us for quitting, but recognizing when something is no longer working and taking action to make a change also has merit. Whether it’s a relationship, extracurricular activity, or current major, knowing when to quit can greatly improve your life. So, how do you know when it’s time to throw in the towel? Read More

Greek Life Saved Me Money

Article by Melissa Pope

When many students think about Greek life, they may usually think, “Doesn’t that cost a lot of money?” Although there are financial costs to going Greek, it can also help with your student finances. Sound crazy? Hear me out. I’m an alumna of Alpha Chi Omega, and I, too, was concerned at first about the costs associated with being a member of a sorority. In my case, I lived in the dorms my freshman year and in the sorority house my sophomore through senior years. During my last three years, my bills were actually cheaper than some of my friends living on their own. Rent, meals, water, heat, garbage, cable, Internet…everything is included in one bill every term when you live in the chapter house. Living on your own typically means you have to pay a separate bill for each expense.

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Mom’s Advice Could Earn You a $10,000 Scholarship

Has your mother ever told you to “choose your words wisely?” We bet she’s uttered this phrase a time or two during an argument or perhaps when you’ve been caught trying to cover up something. It’s her way of making you pause and carefully consider the consequences of the next words to spill out of your mouth. We’ve all been there. You bite your lip, quickly scour your brain to determine the potential outcomes, and finally utter something you hope will defuse the moment. If you’re lucky and tell the truth, your mom may forgive and forget. Unfortunately, some of you may have to endure a few punishments before you realize that it’s never a good idea to ignore your mother’s subtle warnings – which brings us to the reason for our post. It’s time to once again listen to mom’s advice and choose your words wisely because they could be worth $10,000.
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Not All Majors Define Careers: Surprising Majors of 12 Celebrities

You may recognize her as a former Hogwarts student, but the real life Hermione Granger, Emma Watson, is actually one of the newest graduates of Brown University, an Ivy League institution in Rhode Island. She donned her cap and gown this past May to receive a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Perhaps it was the Harry Potter book series that sparked her interest in literature, but she isn’t the first major celebrity to hold a degree in something outside her career field.

It’s easy to think that all A-listers attended school at NYU or studied acting, but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, some celebrity alma maters and degrees might actually surprise you! So, while choosing your major is important, remember that this decision doesn’t have to define you or your career path. Just take a look at some of these big names and their degrees to see for yourself.

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